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Cedar Key, Florida
By Glenn Arnette, lll
It sits majestic over the beautiful marshlands of Cedar Key, located on the Gulf Coast in Florida.  It is the place to relaxation just as if you were sitting in your own home.  With every detail in place, Nature’s Landing is one of the best resort locations to stay in while on your vacation.
 This waterfront location offers luxury one or two bedroom accommodations and was built in 2003 as the newest, most extravagant property on the Island.  Other amenities include an elevator (rarely found in Cedar Key), Swimming Pool, Wi-Fi, Boat Parking and Wash, Pet Friendly and much more.  The Condo’s are spacious and beautifully appointed.  This is the place to stay for sure and believe me, Tina Ryan, the manager, will take good care of you to see that you stay is perfect!
Now for the past two weeks I have told you about Cedar Key, Florida and still some think I am talking about the Florida Keys.  No way!  Cedar Key is centrally located in the state and Gainesville.
   Cedar Key is home to artists, authors, musicians, retirees, fishermen, clam & oyster farmers and merchants; all ready to help make your vacation a memorable one.  Cedar Key is a fantastic destination vacation for the entire family.For additional information contact Natures Landing them at 877-543-9966 or check their web site at
There are so many wonderful things to do before your Summer comes to an end.  It is hard to believe that the shopping channels are already into Christmas in July and that all of the “back to school ads” are everywhere.  Before you snap your fingers, it will be 2012.  With the tight money, high gas prices and extreme heat, take time to relax and enjoy a quick vacation.  You can make the best of it and it will not cost you an arm and a leg!
 Believe me when I tell you to consider Cedar Key, Florida.  It is a Sunset Beach in North Carolina and a Pawley’s Island, South Carolina all wrapped up as one with a little of the old Ocean Drive, South Carolina on the side!
  Until next time, take care.  I will soon take you back to Maine for the new discoveries.  Visit www.worldtravelbyglenn
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My personal thanks to the Cedar Key Chamber of Commerce and the wonderful friendly people of the area for my discovery of your Island!
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