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IRELAND, PART 2 (Continued)
The Ring of Kerry
the Cliffs of Mohen
IRELAND: Part 2 (Continued)
The Ring of Kerry
The Cliffs of Mohen
By Glenn Arnette, lll
As I begin Part Two of my latest adventure to Ireland, please note that this trip is an absolute must for anyone planning a vacation for this year.
Ireland is absolutely beautiful with explosive greens and blues, dotted with multicolors of waving flowers throughout the many valleys and mountains surrounded by pristine waters and friendly people, all seeming to have a wonderful time with life.  Oh, how I remember!
After a delightful stay at the Killarney Park Hotel, it was up early and a drive around the Ring of Kerry. (Google)  Known as Iveragh Peninsula, this wonderful drive covers around 170 km starting in Killarney.  It is a drive beyond your imagination for beauty and historical stories.  It attracts visitors from all corners of the world and known for its mystical and unspoiled grandeur. 
You really don’t have time to stop at every point of interest, as there is so much to see and do.  You could spend days in south-western Ireland and never see everything.  Here is an example of what I am talking about.  The Ring of Kerry includes:  Gap of Dunloe, Bog Village, Rossbeigh Beach, Cahersiveen Heritage Centre, Derrnyane House, Skellig Experience, Staigue Fort, Kenmare Lace, Molls Gap, Ladies View, Torc Waterfall, Muckross House, The Blue Pool, Ross Castle, Ogham Stones, St. Mary’s Cathedral, Muckross Abbey, Franciscan Friary, Kellegy Church, O’Connell Memorial Church, Sneem Church and Cemetery, Skellig Michael, Beehive Cells and the Stone Pillars.  Now that is only a small part of the Ring of Kerry.  There is no way you can do this as a quick trip, but there are bus tours that will take you on a day trip during the summer months.  You will not believe the small roads and little side streets when trying to pass while riding the bus.  It is so narrow in places that buses are required to go anti-clockwise along the Ring.  What makes this most interesting is that cars are asked to go in the opposite direction.  This is called, traffic flow! LOL  Two places are a must on this trip:  a stop at the beautiful beaches along the way and Waterville, the place Charlie Chaplin enjoyed visiting.  There you can see a stature of him and his old home place.  Traffic alone the Ring of Kerry is heavy, but if you plan early and go before the summer rush, you can enjoy everything so much more.  Remember, Ireland is VERY popular to the world during the summer!
You will not be able to absorb all that you see, but you will remember that you have to come back to Ireland for many other visits.  There is so much!
With the circle completed, it was back to the Killarney Park Hotel for another night.  After a pub crawl and lots of fun, I headed for the bed with dreams of Ireland creating my sleep!
Next it was off the Galway and the splendor of the Cliffs of Moher, Europe’s most spectacular Sea Cliffs.   Talk about crashing waves, magnificent waters and a park of perfection, this takes the prize!  This visitor attraction offers nature at its best.  The Visitor Center, opened in 2007, offers a café, 100 seat restaurant, gift shop, plenty of restrooms, a wonderful film presentation, and more.  Outside you have Cliff walking tours with viewing platforms where you can see Aran Islands, Kerry Mountains, Connemara and Galway Bay.  This is definitely your “perfect camera moment”.  This is one of the most unusual places in Ireland and will require about a half day to really enjoy the area.  Believe me, the Cliffs are big and the vistas magnificent.  Be careful as you certainly do not want to get too close to the edge!
After a nice lunch and snack and our final goodbyes to the Cliffs, it was off the Galway and the five star extravagant G Hotel.  Just wait until you read about this place!  Because of space, I will have to continue next time with part three and my continued adventure in God’s country. 
By-the-way, I did get to enjoy the movie Ryan’s Daughter!  The scenery of Ireland is so beautiful and the love story throughout the film kept my interest.  Try and fine a DVD!
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