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There is a Camelot!
By Glenn Arnette, lll
Many of you comment on my “wow” factor in some of my articles, but now I am going beyond the spectrum and say “Awesome!”  That wonderful word applies to my days spent in IRELAND!  Why am I French-English when I feel like family with the people of IRELAND?  There is so much love and beauty on that island that is gives the visitor a sense of unbelievable joy while traveling through that beautiful land.  If I said, “It is a Camelot!” that would be an understatement.  IRELAND offers every aspect of color, weather, mountains, beaches and flora beyond your wildest dreams.  I do get excited about some of the places I have traveled, but when it comes to IRELAND, my “heart left San Francisco” and moved to Killarney!  This is the most hand painted landscape and it must have been painted by the angels and God Himself.
My adventure starts with a two and half hour flight from Orlando, Florida to New York and connections with Air Lingus for a six hour flight heading to Shannon, Ireland.  On arrival in the early morning, it was off to discover the wonders and beauty in Paradise in our posh 26 seat tour bus with Michael Moran at the wheel.  The gentleman had more personality and soon became a friend to all. 
Our first stop for breakfast was at the delightful 1 Pery Square in Limerick, Ireland.  This historic hotel and spa is located in the historic Georgian quarter of the town.  All of the original architectural features are expertly reinstated in precise detail.  The rooms are plush and overlook the tree lined “People’s Park” directly across the street.  We had a full Irish breakfast and had a delightful tour of the property.  You must stay here when you follow my tour!
Still keeping the eyes open after the long overnight flight we headed for what some consider the “most beautiful place on earth”, Dingle, Ireland!  This is a wonderful little town with three main streets and sheltered by gorgeous mountains.  This is one of the places used in the filming of “Ryan’s Daughter in 1969.  (By-the-way, I ordered my copy from EBay!)  This is a village you will love wandering through with its quaint little shops, hole in the wall pubs were my favorite and a number of art galleries.  Remember to always visit the historic churches in every stop along the way.  It was in Dingle that I discovered how wonderful the Irish wit and the Irish people are when showing off their community.   Dingle has a population of around 1300 souls and about 50 pubs.  Need I say anymore?  During the afternoon we checked into the Dingle Benners Hotel which is located right in the heart of the village.  This certainly is the perfect place to stay as you can walk to the Dingle Peninsula.  Because of the Gulf Stream being so close to the land this offers exquisite flora and fauna.  The hotel has all the amenities and should be selected for your Dingle stop!  For information and reservations:  Google:  Dingle Benners Hotel, Ireland.
I have to tell you about one of my favorite restaurants in Ireland.  From champagne to dessert, the Chart House is just a perfect little Irish restaurant with a delightful host and owner.  Jim McCarthy’s personality certainly brings this restaurant to life.  He won Host of the year and was responsible for many other major awards over the years.  From the attractive little bar just inside to the romantic setting for the restaurant seating up to 45 people, you will find delicious food from fish, meat to vegetarian, all served by capable employees.  I highly recommend starting with a glass of champagne.  After that, just settle back for a wonderful unrushed dining experience.  Thanks to Jim, this Dingle restaurant is a must!
After a night of rest, we were up and ready to travel to the Crag Cave in Castleisland.  This privately owned underground adventure offers unique vista’s to rival the caverns in the United States. Discovered in 1893 and thought to be over a million years old, Crag Cave is a magnificent wonderland of stalagmites and stalactites.  Today it is owned and operated by Margaret Geaney and her son Donie and what an operation this is. The facility above ground offers a playground for the kids (Crazy Cave, The Kingdoms No.d1 House of Fun!), a glass garden dining facility and a fun gift shop.  You must enjoy tea and scones while visiting.  To contact them for additional information go to Or email
Next we stop to have lunch at the beautiful Killarney Golf and Fishing Club.  Ranked as one of the best golf courses this side of heaven, the beauty alone is worth a round of golf provided you are up to the challenge.  Just walking the course offers visual paintings of Ireland beyond your imagination.  Beautiful!   Played by all of the famous in golf, you will be amazed by its grandeur! 
Then it was time to get back on the bus and head for Killarney and our next hotel stop at the Killarney Park Hotel.  This Killarney Town Village certainly opened my eyes to what was coming with the wonderful carriage ride through the Killarney National Park, a little shopping and a delightful pub evening.  By the time we got back to the Killarney Park Hotel it was “O, Ireland, My Ireland!”  Funny what a glass of Guinness will do for you.
Everything about the Killarney Park Hotel is comfort. (  Everything seemed very quiet.  Not once did I hear a foul word, raised voice or misbehaving children.  This hotel has character with accents on leather furniture, posh rooms, spa treatments, afternoon teas, malt whiskey and delicious food.  From fireplaces in the suites to the beautiful indoor pool, you are pampered beyond your imagination.  All of this and more kicks us into gear as we are in the “kingdom of Kerry”.
To be honest with you, I traveled through places and villages with such beauty until my mind became confused as to when or where I was going.  This was a world wind tour and I just could not let a single minute go by. 
So, I will stop for this part of the continued travels in Ireland.  Do not miss my next release as we will continue taking your through the wonderful countryside.  Just wait until you read about Galway, The Cliffs of Mohen and the Ring of Kerry.  I have a feeling you will be planning your next vacation to Ireland and the prices could not be better.  
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